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Car Headlight Polishing, Cleaning, Repair

Have your headlights dimmed or fogged over the years? Over time, UV light from the sun can damage your car or truck headlight lens and cause them to fog and yellow. As headlights become hazy it’s not safe to drive at night, in bad weather, or the cloudy days of winter. According to the National Security Council 50% of traffic deaths happen at night, even though we do only 25% of our driving at night.  If you have foggy headlights visit Ryan's Automotive.  They're experts know how to restore headlights to factory specification.

Restoring headlights can be far more less expensive then replacing and they are as good as new!  Even if only one headlight is yellowing or cracking our experts recommend restoring both.   The effect afterward will be equally bright headlights and a more safe overall.  At Ryan's Automotive we restore headlights to factory specification and seal with a UV protectant.  The protectant will seal the headlight from any water and protect against harmful UV rays. 

Don't hesitate to restore your headlights if they're beginning to dim. It's only a matter of time until they dim to the point of becoming a safety hazard. To maximize the value of your vehicle before selling, restoring the headlights is a great place to start.  




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