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How Do I Fox My Car Air Conditioning From Blowing Hot Air

How Do I Fix My Car Air Conditioning from Blowing Hot Air?

HELP!  How Do I Fix my Car Air Conditioning from Blowing Hot Air?  There's nothing worse than getting in your Vehicle on a hot day, turning on the AC, and getting blasted by hot air.  You instantly get on Google and begin searching to find this post.  Here are the 3 most common reasons why your Car Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot and how to fix.

Low Refrigerant

Is your Vehicle Blowing Warm Air?  If your Car AC Is Not Cold it’s possible your vehicle is Low on Refrigerant.  Since refrigerant is a gas finding a Refrigerant Leak can be tricky.          


Worn Compressor

Is your Vehicle AC Making Noise or Blowing Hot Air? Like many parts on a vehicle over time the parts become worn and ultimately, fail.   because the Compressor is failing. 


Electrical Issue

Is your Vehicle AC Not Working?   The Air Conditioning System is packed with all sorts of wires, sensors, and relays.  Testing and locating Electrical Issues requires a strong understanding of Electrical and Automotive Systems.

Given the complexity of your Car’s Air Conditioning system and tools required we recommend bringing your vehicle to Ryan’s Automotive.  We will Test your Air Compressor, Check for any Refrigerant Leaks,   and have one of our Certified Automotive Mechanics trained in Vehicle AC Repair test and service your vehicle’s air conditioning.



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