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What Happens If You Don't Align Your Tires?

3 Signs You Vehicle Needs An Alignment!


Our tires and suspension absorb bumps in the road.  Hitting pot holes and other obstacles can cause our tires to be misaligned.  An alignment assures the wheels are pointing straight and the tire at the proper angle.  The measurements are very small and is not seen by the naked eye.  Even small misalignments can have very noticeable effects while driving. 


1.  Steering wheel vibration.  Does your steering wheel vibrate when your driving down the freeway?  This is a common symptom of needing a wheel alignment.  If you're experiencing this problem,  slow down, and find a shop to fix sooner rather than later!


2.  Pulling.  Is your vehicle is pulling either right or left while driving?  If you are unsure if your vehicle is pulling find a flat open space and test.  If it is pulling left or right this is a sign you need a wheel alignment service. 


3.  Uneven tire wear.  Your tires are very important in the safety of driving.  Checking them often is best practice.  Tires are also one of the more expensive routine maintenance items.  Getting as much wear as possible saves money.  If you notice uneven wear on the outside, or sometimes inside, of your tire you need a wheel alignment.       

If you notice any of these 3 signs of needing a wheel alignment bring your vehicle into Ryan's Automotive.  We can do a Free Alignment Check. 

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