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Why Won't My Car Start?

Why Won't My Car Start?
As the seasons change and temperature drops, we get calls about vehicle not starting. There are lots of different reasons why your car may not start. The first thing to check is the car battery.
Batteries work on electrical reactions. Those reactions send power to the terminal ends on a battery. When its cold outside those reactions slow and become weak. This can result in your vehicle to not start.
Some of things you can do to winterize your battery. Best plan, is to keep a full charge and store your vehicle in a garage or carport. This is not always possible, so a battery blanket or a trickle charger also helps. Being in California we don't have to worry about his too many months out of the year. If you go out to start your car in early December, when the temperatures dip, and your car won't start. We are more than happy to test your battery and replace if necessary.

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