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Fast and friendly service in a clean environment! Right now they are doing free inspections so if you think something is wrong with your car, I recommend bringing it in to Ryan's for an honest evaluation. The shop is really clean and orderly and they have a comfy sitting area with coffee, tea, and free wifi. I came in for an oil change, using a Groupon. For $22 I got my oil changed, tires rotated and my car inspected and I was in and out in about an hour. Also, they will give a reminder call to schedule an appointment for my next oil change-appreciated!At the end of the appointment Ryan went through a long checklist from his 21 point inspection. He was honest with me regarding maintenance that should be done immediately versus maintenance that has some flexibility (I drive an older car with greater likelihood of work needing to be done.) He even printed out tax-including quotes on the maintenance items. Just as I would get a second opinion from another doctor when considering a surgery, I will also get a second opinion from another mechanic regarding the maintenance. However, pending competitive rates, I won't hesitate to bring my car back to Ryan's. Thanks for the great service!


I've been here for 2 years and was at the point of changing my own oil because I was so fed up with mechanics in the area constantly ripping me off and trying to sell me on things I didn't need. I came here because of a Groupon and I'm so glad that I did! They were pleasant, didn't over charge for the extra oil my car needed, and I felt comfortable with their opinions. I'll definitely be returning here in the future.


We had car trouble while traveling on the 101 and came upon Ryan's. We were so pleasantly surprised by the exceptionally quick service, kindness and great prices. Ryan is great! There should be more mechanics like this in the world. You can tell he is a genuinely good guy who works super hard. Props to you bro!


Great service! Puts the customer first! Ryan not only did a thorough inspection of the car for free, he took the time to explain the issues and did great work on the car. We'd recommend and we'll plan to return.

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